ok so i found out what went wrong with the firedrive tempest link and im sorting it out asap

so pls stay aware of the links you’ve reblogged or liked

i’ll probs add to them

hey! i really appreciate the tempest download links. just a heads up, the filedrive link, it downloads fine but when i played it, the video stopped at about 1h and 45 minutes in? like it won't play through to the end. because i was checking the file to make sure it worked all through the end and it kept pausing around that time and it wouldn't play through. it might just be me, but i'm not sure. the google docs dl has exceeded so if you have alternate links i'd appreciate it but if not thats ok!

I’ve heard about the 1hr 45 mins thing being a problem and I’m trying to sort that out, but as a working download, you have it, I will do my best to sort it all out when I’m not in bed trying to get over an illness. I hope you can at least get something from the links tho, a download at least. I’ll do my best as soon as I can, just bare with me please.

i read this wrong   but i'm sorting it now   

YOU are you the women responsible for this joy that i am feeling at this moment. i follow other person who follows you and they reblog the tempest. You have no idea how happy i am you have made me cry form joy thank you and now i shall be following you. Ugh i love you so much right now. I love the tempest and with Colin it is twice as much ugh i am going to go and watch it right now.

Aw sweetheart, glad I could help, since it was really nothing at all. I know some people cannot afford or obtain the tempest on DVD, so here’s the next best thing. I hope you enjoy it lovely x

Multiple The Tempest Links (stream/download)

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currently working on fixing the firedrive link



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Selfie #1 - Chilling by London Eye
Selfie #2 - Being kissed by my girlfriend
Selfie #3 - Slaying my enemies 
Selfie #4 - Giving Finn Jones (Loras Tyrell) a piggyback
Selfie #5 - Me and Rupert Young (Ser Leon) what a babe
Selfie #6 - Blonde me, heyooo

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Margaery, Drawn in SAI


Margaery, Drawn in SAI

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